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Authenticity of the Roger Patterson Film of 1967

Female Sasquatch shows Human Emotions

Anderson County ; Truck Driver nearly runs over a baby Sasquatch ; mother approaches trucker.  You might find this one hard to believe.  If so, ask yourself, "Why"?  If Sasquatch is related to what we call the Human species, then why shouldn't they be able to show emotions show emotions? After all, they do have language, and have been known to enjoy a laugh or two. They should be able to express other emotions as well.

What the US Government doesn't want us to know.

Dead Bigfoot bodies recovered from Mount St. Helen's blast zone in 1980. 

International Bigfoot Society

Why the big Secret ?

Now some people are beginning to talk about what the seen with their own eyes.  When Mount St Helen's blew up in 1980, the devastation was incredible. Countless bodies from killed wildlife were recovered. The US Military was taking care of the cleanup. Also recovered and kept secret was the bodies of  Sasquatches. Some who were present and and saw the corpses were sworn to secrecy. The Military wanted the Sasquatches kept secret.  Why??

Why is it so important to keep this stuff so secret ?  Is it that they think the people of North America are stupid and unable to deal with the reality of Sasquatch? Why do they continue to treat the people of North America like we are morons?

US Government Spies Experience Bigfoot

Fort Lewis ; between Mt. Shasta and Mt. Rainier ; Edwards Air Force Base ; Hot Beds of Bigfoot

USA Government Cover Ups ??

Sasquatch and the Edward’s Air Force Base Surveillance


Injured and burned Sasquatch / BigFoot recovered ; Alive ; from a Forest Fire.

Medically treated then taken away ?  Why was this hidden from the News Media and the public ?  This incredible account seems to be very sincere and, although incredible, most likely credible. Sasquatch knew that he was seriously hurt in the most fearsome thing that could happed to him; FIRE.  He needed help and was willing to accept it any way that he could get it, even from those men. His needs out weighed his fear. 

Train Hits A Sasquatch 1880's.

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"Bigfoot Fact or Fantasy"   Website

 The article is made up of  "15 chapters"   and I thoroughly enjoyed reading every chapter..

Sasquatch Classics ;  The Creature ; Personal Experiences with Bigfoot  ;  by Jan Klement  

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Sasquatch Steals Trout on a Chain

Ken  Kristin

New Website online Home Page

New Website ; Stories of  BC Canada   

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Interesting stories from  "The International Bigfoot Society  Website"

   Interesting story;- White with gray BF, Pink complexion / Crippled right foot

  Although a bit strange to some people, this story seems to be true.  And, if it is true,  then who's to say that there has not been many cross breeding's throughout history ; maybe it still happens on occasion.  Who really knows?    In an article in an above link there is information that cross breeding has even been a scientific topic.

This Page has some very interesting information. 

  Fort Nelson, BC Tracks found

 Stories By Clayton Mack  "Grizzlies and White Guys," ..;  2 Versions ; Fantastic reading.

   1./ .     2./

     Albert Ostman claims to have been kidnapped by Sasquatch in 1924,  West Coast of  BC.    Bigfoot Field Research Organization Web Site ; Lots of good reading here ; Story of Albert Ostman being kidnapped by Sasquatch.  

"Man Caught between two bears and a Sasquatch"

Is This a  47" Leg Bone, is it Sasquatch ?   NO ?   What Is It ?  Could it be from a Giant People of North America who lived here prior to our Native Indian People ?

Leg Bone 

A Child and Bigfoot  Salmon River, Idaho during the 1940's

TWild Man Captured with Two Cubs 1839

The Sasquatch in Northern British Columbia, Canada

The Sasquatch - In Northern British Columbia, Canada Courtesy  HBCC UFO Research


Story Excerpts

Almas / Almasty (Akin to Sasquatch ) 

1./     2./




Port Hardy, British Columbia  ,  Summer 2004

I wasn't sure where to report this, and didn't want any ridicule from people who don't believe in Sasquatch. Perhaps you can assist me.

A friend and I went up to catch the big Salmon run in River's Inlet in July 2004. We drove up to Port Hardy, then took a float plane to Dawson's Landing, where a friend of his had a large boat where we would stay for a week.

We took a smaller boat into the inlet one foggy morning. While cruising, we saw what we thought was a bear by the edge of the water. We were about 150 meters away and cut the engine so we wouldn't scare it.

 Let me say that there is no hint of civilization anywhere near there at all. Just the occasional fisherman in a boat, but that's about it.

We were just drifting towards shore, and when we got to about 30 meters from the animal, it stood up, and  it was no bear. It looked like a cross between an ape and a tall man. I joked that it was a "hung-over, unshaven Dave Semenko" (former defensman for the Edmonton Oilers, and a favorite of mine)

The creature, and I WILL call it a Sasquatch now that I know they exist, watched us without appearing scared.    As you know, there are no brakes on a boat, and we continued to drift towards him, until we got  to about 15 meters from shore when my friend panicked and started the engine.

He feared we would run aground at the feet of the Sasquatch. It had been standing ankle-deep in the water, and jumped quickly about 2 meters up the bank when the engine kicked over, but didn't run away.   My friend reversed the boat, then cut the engine again when we we well clear of the shore, about 30 meters out. The Sasquatch made a whistling sound, then grunted like a pig. It picked up a branch and started beating the dirt and shallow water with it.

It kind of roared, for lack of a better word, then threw the stick, awkwardly, (like a girl throwing with her opposite hand) and it landed in the water a few meters, perhaps 4, from shore. And as quick as can be, it ducked up behind a tree and was gone. We didn't hear it moving and thought that it might be standing still, but we could see nothing. We waited for about 10 minutes, then decided that the show was over. Our total time watching each other was less than 5 minutes, though it seemed longer.

It was a dark brown in colour, with hair all over save for it's hands and face. The face and hands appeared black and leathery. I would guess the hair was 10-12 centimeters in length. It was large, I would guess 2.5 meters tall, and easily 180 kilograms in weight, likely more. Hard to say when you are experiencing  something like this!

The massive shoulders gave no indication of a visible neck;  it was as though the head was one with the torso.    We told a friend of his about the encounter, and his friend said that his father had seen Sasquatch  3 times. Once inland from Bella Coola, and twice in our general vicinity.

I'll tell you how I felt, and it's a little difficult to describe. I made a hole-in-one 4 years ago. I felt giddy and blessed at the same time, knowing that the powers-that-be had chosen me, for some reason, to have a   stroke of luck that defies logic or reason. I know many golfers far better than I who have NOT made an ace.      I decided that it was my moment, my turn, if you will, for fate to give me a kiss, rather than a kick.   After reflecting on our encounter, I felt very much the same as that.

There it is. I don't believe I've left anything out. I will ask a favor, and that is please to not use my full name. You know how people are.

Report file February 3, 2005  (An Inuit from the Inuvialut (NW) region, notified investigator Jack Loud Bird) ...


The following story was extracted from  "The International Bigfoot Society  Website"  Because if the link should ever fail I did not want to loose this story.  I feel that it is that important.  Link to website supplied.      Report #: 586

Location: KING county, WA. United States
Latitude: +047˚ 33' N
Longitude: 121˚ 32' W
Day: 10   Month: OCT   Year: 1997
Locality: GREEN RIVER near Quartz Creek
Researcher: Ray Wallace
Witness: BUSS
Sighting Type: 1

Sighting Text:
WALKING 1997 TR#72 * Ray Wallace letter of Oct 15th. 

  Last week some friends of mine saw the whole family of Bigfoots catching salmon in the Green River (WA, near Mt. St. Helens).   The family of Bigfoots were a total of eight, they thought there was three females, two large males, and three young ones half as tall as the three females. 

  These two friends of mine viewed them from a bridge across Green River for a half hour last Friday (Oct. 10th) as they were scouting out the remote area in search of deer as the hunting season was opening on Saturday.   Buss told me if he would have had his camcorder he could have made a movie worth a million dollars without a doubt, as these creatures were really busy catching these large salmon that they figured would weigh about 35 pounds. 

   They know this as, they are fishermen and they have boats with 60 horsepower motors.   And they catch a lot of salmon in the Cowlitz River that borders my 405 acre ranch where I have hydrogen gas wells.

  The Green River is about 40 feet wide and about three feet deep nowadays in the fall.   Buss said they were speaking a language that they, the witnesses, could not understand.   They were only 20 feet above this whole family.   Buss said a log truck came along and when it crossed this bridge, they all fled and they never returned. 

Buss said they left and he went back on Saturday to make some movies of them if they were there, but they weren’t there, and none of the pile of salmon were there. 

 Buss said the Bigfoot  probably returned when it was dark and carried the Salmon to their caves near Quartz Creek.   These caves were made by the early day Indians,  about the year of 1750,  when the Indians took out all of the gold then left the area.   I know what happened as I have been told about that ; When the white men came up on the Indians mining, they were all shot.  

A lot of the old pioneers are all dead now, as I am 79 years old so now I am an old pioneer.   I will be on the lookout for these Bigfoots fishing on Green River with their hands with long white claws as Buss said they have claws that looked to be 1 1/2 inches in length.  

 Deer hunting season is on now, so these hairy furred creatures will be hid during this hunting season with all of the shooting all over that area, and the spawning season (salmon) will be over. 

  You asked me one time if I had ever seen sword ferns in a Bigfoot bed.   No, I have never seen any ferns as they are hard and sticky.   All of the beds we have ever seen in caves near Quartz Creek east of Mt. St. Helens, was made from soft moss, a least one foot thick.   We could see where all of this moss had been removed from the large maple trees as these are the only trees where this soft moss grows.

 Bigfoots are not dumb like a lot of people think.  Like I have said before,  these creatures have lived off of this land all of their lives by catching salmon and drying them in the sun and storing them in caves for winter food.

The person relaying this story seems to know a lot about  Sasquatch-Bigfoot. The implication that Sasquatch is a hunter gatherer who stores away for winter is clearly said.  If true,  then these magnificent Beings are certainly not dumb apes by any means.  Also, the teller says that the family of Bigfoot were speaking in a language.  To the best of my knowledge,  only humans have and use verbal language to communicate.  If the above story is true about the language and the gathering and storing of food,  then where does Sasquatch-Bigfoot fit into the world of man? What are they?

Please go to  Bigfoot Encounters Website where you will find the following incredible story from     Revelstoke BC, and many other exciting stories as well. 

Click on Sightings then go to ;  Canada ;  British Columbia.

Bobbi Short has contributed a great deal of information for others to study and learn from.

While on her Web Site,  apply for the  "Newsletter"  it makes great reading.

Mt. Revelstoke, British Columbia
July 14, 2005

I was never one to believe in Bigfoot, even as a kid I thought it was silly.   My family and I came back from vacationing in Independence Missouri, through the Northwest.

We were in British Columbia on Highway 1, July 14-2005 at 6:15 p.m. We just passed Mt Revelstoke and were descending down the mountain.   There was a semi-no load and two cars in front of us. We were going about 50 miles an hour when something big ran out in front of the  semi. He slammed his brakes on forcing the 2 cars and us to do the same.

A day earlier we had saw an elk at Banff National park, so that is what I thought it was at first.   You could see it through the trucks back window and the top of the head stuck out over the roof of the semi, putting it at  7 to 8 feet tall.

This was a potential deadly situation, if my companion had not been buckled she would have been thrown through the windshield, plus we were on the side of a mountain. As it cleared the truck I noticed three important things.

1. It had two legs - not four and had black-as-night hair and big.

2. It turned and looked right at us -It had the face of a gorilla except flat nose- slight silver and gray highlights around its face, round human head, small to medium ears that stuck out not folding in-hairy face.

3. It was massive- huge muscled arms back legs- like Shaq in a monkey suit. It walked perfectly upright- no gait like the fake films. No limp, swagger, just calm and straight up.

It seemingly had no worries, not concerned or scared of the traffic, just walked right across the street.   It stepped right over the 3 ft guardrail without breaking stride, didn't bend knees, stoop or lean,  just right over like it was a hurdle. The traffic sat their shocked for a minute before finally crawling ahead.   I pulled over to where it stepped across to see if I could see it. It was a sheer drop-off 4000 feet straight down.  It was open fields of rocks and boulders as far as you could see-like I said straight down with 2 un climbable cliffs on   both sides- so their must have been a cave down there somewhere. It seemingly disappeared in thin air.

My 3 kids were screaming what is that, and honestly I still don't know.  We had just visited Vancouver Zoo a few days earlier and saw grizzlies, elk, moose, gorillas, etc and it was bigger than all of them.   It had no fat;   it was lean and trim, just ripped with muscles. It looked as if it could have easily picked up the truck if it wanted.

We saw a family of mountain goats go down a cliff 3 days before, and there is no way they could have went down this sheer drop off- so I am amazed that is just calmly steeped right over the cliff like that.   I had a video camera and a 35mm right next to me but it happened to fast.    We were more concerned not dying in a car crash.   I have told a few friends who don't believe me but I know what we saw as a group, like I said, - I KNOW WHAT WE SAW. It was sunny out-no tricks of the light-no clouds etc. It was not a joke; it could have been very deadly for all the drivers. It was not a bear and it did not have a fat stomach.

Anyway, I have become one of those witnesses that I never believed.   But as God is my witness, it was 20 feet in front of us and we got a perfect but brief look at something amazing. It is out there, it is real, and one day a car will hit it and we will have proof.

It is the most magnificent creature we have ever saw, like I said just ripped - ---

29 July 2005 Reported by R.D. Merryfield

IBS Report #: 1028
Latitude: +053˚ 90' N
Longitude: 122˚ 70' W

Year: 1922
Elevation: 2217
Data Source: TR91
Credibility: 2
Witness: UNK
Sighting Type: Summary: Sighting Text:

CANADA BRITISH COLUMBIA 1922 TR#91 REGAN DICKENSON And again in the Prince George newspaper  The Leader of June 2, 1922. "Another Wild Man Reported Hereabouts" Type of Primitive Man, Said to Resemble a Bear Flees at Sight of Fellow Man. The following story, bearing a Prince George date line, has been going the rounds of the western press recently.   It shows the awful effects of home-brew on the mind of some rural residents. (the usual comment!) Here is the story of the local 'wild man': How near does a human being resemble a bear, or how near does a bear resemble a human being?    Is a busy question just at present in the Prince George district of British Columbia, owing to rumors of a 'wild man' running at large in the Chief Lake district. His description given by those who have seen him is such that his is easily mistaken for a bear at first sight. He narrowly escapes the attention of the rifle of every homesteader, especially during this time when the she bear and her cubs are out, hungry and desperate, in search of food. This ' wild man' has been seen in different localities lately.   Those who got close enough to see it was a human and not a marauding animal, describe him as a type of the primitive cave man or tree-top dweller; huge in stature, his few rags streaming, and he flees as a deer when seen.   He is evidently a white man, according to them.   This part of BC has had its 'wild man' running at large, more or less, ever since the advent of the Grand Trunk Pacific, supposed to have been working on railway construction, afterwards squatting on the wild lands abounding in this district, until they in turn become 'wild' themselves, according to the remoteness from supplies or from other human companionship.  (again one of the usual comments from the early days --gone wild man).PP. 117-118.But this fits in perfectly with Sasquatch...there are some other interesting bits, I will write in a bit later.  Crazy Man's Creek. Jack Boudreau. Caitlin Press, Prince George, BC.1998.


What Did It Look Like??

His hair was almost black and about 4 inches long on his head and neck, gradually becoming around an inch long on the rest of him.   Actually it seemed to form a sort of longer girdle on the pelvic area.  All their faces were similar, with a Cro-Magnon sort of look, brow ridge, and deep-set dark brown eyes.  There was no hair around the eyes or mouth area and they have a bit of a beard as well.   Their hands are just like ours except on a larger scale and hair on the backs.   The most striking feature about them was the eyes.  They are not dumb animals!   And they understand that fire can hurt them.  One little ones was going to pick up an ember that spit out of my campfire and the mother grabbed its hand and slapped it, then made a very human pain-filled wincing expression and sucked her fingers while shaking her head at the little one.   Now you tell me what bear can do that!

When I say little ones I mean little. They were only tabletop height at best and tottered just like human     babies do during their first few years. Their fur was not like the adults.   It was more like fuzz that you see on a puppy or kitten until the adult coat grows in.

.Sasquatch Populations

 Also, Sasquatch populations are now making a comeback from a slow recovery lasting hundreds of years.    Due to their lifestyle repopulation would be a slow process.    As they continue to increase in numbers so very slowly, we are also opening up much more of their habitat , exposing them to more encounters. This could also play a role in them becoming more content to be in close proximity to houses and subdivisions during the night.  Raiding garbage cans and gardens is becoming more frequent, as is them peeking in windows, and watching people who are out camping.

.A Group Has A Close Encounter.

  He began to see clearly how hairy these "people" were, despite which they certainly looked like people. 

Often eyes are seen at night as orange, orange-red, or red.   It bad a human-like face, the nose was spread, but there was a bridge, and a heavy brow.  It was very broad, especially at the shoulders, guess at four feet. the creature seemed to sense I was the leader ("I had eye contact... it looked peeved.") It has intelligence, sensitivity, emotions, and possessed strength no human had, yet a primitive nature that dictated when to   use its brutal force. It bad hands and feet very similar to human, but it also possessed an animal instinct     that we're not what we seemed to be. (as a group).   A very cautious curiosity. I could feel this monstrous brute telling me - leave me alone, go away and leave my habitat alone - I don’t want to hurt you, but I will if you don’t leave me alone.   He turned around showing a clear profile in the process, that was human, not ape or bear or alien - he is human! or like.

~ ~ ~ ~  being beige (or tan), to a brown color with long silky hair.  There was no hair on its face and the face wasn't was like -a man's face, it didn't look like a monkey ...didn't have big nostrils.  It had a powerful build and very big ~ shoulders, was not slender, and was about 7' tall.  It had powerful long arms, but not knee length. There was hair on top of the feet, and about 6" long hair on the body.

.Another Close Sighting

She said the hair on top of its head was sort of curly, and it appeared to have "bangs." there were no real  ape-like Features, it was just big and ugly , reminding them of a "biker." The hair, long on the head, wasn't kinky, and there was a black skin visible under the hair. It had real long hair, a face like a "black man," about  8' tall, broad shouldered, and had tufts of hair on its shoulders, wrists, ankles and chest , had a man's  shape and a man's hands and feet, but had a massive amount of long brownish-orange hair, reminded him of an orangutan.

.Another Close Encounter

 ~ ~ ~ describing the thing as dark with a human face, with no snout. It had fairly long hair, and the hands were human. Flat ebony black, female, eyes totally black no white showing, standing upright, foot long hands hanging  8" above knees, bristly head hair came straight up to make a tuft on top of her head, high fore head not sloped, no facial hair only black skin, bushy black eyebrows, long human nose not pongoid, long narrow slit type mouth no big lips, other hair; back of hands 3/4" back of fingers 1/4", arms  3-4", pubic   6-7", body 3-4", legs 6-7".

.Dead Sasquatch Found In China

Dead Sasquatch found by Wang Zelin in 1940 China, relays story in person;- thick coat of gray-red hair, female, narrow face, deep set eyes (possibly due to dead) , jutting cheekbones, ugly protruding lips, Chinese authorities tell him it is a descendant from Gigantopithecus.

.Sasquatches Do Talk

  The interesting part about this is that in many similar cases related by the Indians of the Chehalis reservation about sasquatches speaking, the creatures are nearly always understood to be speaking in what is referred to as "the Douglas dialect."

. One More Close Encounter

  The adult male stood about 8 feet tall and was massively built throughout the chest and shoulders.   Large biceps and thighs.  Fairly human looking genitalia was pretty well hidden by longer hair.   His hair was almost black and about 4 inches long on his head and neck, gradually becoming around an inch long on the rest of him.   Actually it seemed to form a sort of longer girdle on the pelvic area.

All their faces were similar, with a Cro magnon sort of look, brow ridge, and deep-set dark brown eyes.   There was no hair around the eyes or mouth area and they have a bit of a beard as well.   Their hands are just like ours except on a larger scale and hair on the backs.  The most striking feature about them was the eyes.

They are not dumb animals! And they understand that fire can hurt them.   One little ones was going to pick up an ember that spit out of my campfire and the mother grabbed its hand and slapped it, then made a very human pain-filled wincing expression and sucked her fingers while shaking her head at the little one.  Now you tell me what bear can do that!

CAVES Have Been Found; Washington & Oregon ans elsewhere,,,

 It seems like Caves play a part in Sasquatch life as some have been found with the Sasquatch smell inside.   These caves might be a base camp of sorts.  It may also be the place where they would spend the winter giving shelter from the cold.  Caves that have been mentioned have broken off trees or some other material being used to act as a seal or weather guard.   Also, there has been large rocks that obscure the entrance.  This would indicate a more frequently used place of stay.

Considering none of these caves found have as yet been explored it would be interesting to find out if these caves contain food stashes for the lean winter months.   If not, then Sasquatch would have a very deficient diet over those months.   Would this indicate a possible short term hibernation similar to that of the Grizzly Bear ?? ..

.Structures, Arches Etc.

As many of the structures such as arched over trees that have their tops anchored under the branches of large trees where there is great distances from the ground, it could be that these tree bendings are a result  of the their children doing the work, by instruction or by play. 

Markers may be used for night  time  travel  as  eyesight  may  not  be adequate enough on moonless dark nights / eye pigment reflection color by witnesses has some scientists speculating that Sasquatch eyesight may not be luminous enough in extremely dark conditions.   Markers may be for others to see and follow, and may also be for the individual who created them if he is having trouble seeing clearly.   Or markers might simply be direction for others to follow and or some could convey a message of territory.

~ ~ ~ .three conical constructions built around saplings that were invisible from the road 35-metre away.   They were about 2.2 meter high and 1.2 meter wide and constructed of sticks that had been bitten off, butt end up.   The three constructions were about the same size and separated by 5-6 meters  at the base of a  small hill. .

.Bow Hunter Sighting

Southeast of Stayton, Oregon, occurred an interesting report...interesting because the sighting took place for approximately an hour.   In Sept. of 1987, Chris Johnson was bow hunting in some secluded wilderness when he quietly came on a clearing around a pond.   On the opposite side of the pond there was a large male Sasquatch sitting against a tree, and behind him about 6-metre was a female laying down with an infant leaning against her..

.Dead Cows Found, Then Used as Sasquatch Bait

One day he noticed one of the dead cows had been moved quite a bit ... then it turned up missing.    And finally, he found a cow hanging in the low crotch of an alder tree...beyond normal human capability, and no tracks were ever found. .


"Bigfoot Family Terrifies Campers in the Crimea, Ukraine" Crimea, Ukraine -- 21 August 2005, a group of 12 campers, 7 adults and 5 children, were hiking on the Demedzhi Plateau, between North Demedzhi Mountain and Stol-Gora (Russian for Table-Top--J.T.) Mountain when they encountered a family or tribe of Kapustin, a hairy man-beast common to the Crimea and the Caucasus and similar to North America's Bigfoot or Australia's yowie. "On that Sunday, Ivan S age 21, and his group of 12 tourists were spending their second day camped on the plateau between North Demedzhi Mountain and Stol-Gora Mountain, "Crimean Anton A. Anfalov reported, "The night was very bright with a full moon." "The kids went to sleep early. The adults stayed up a while. Ivan's assistant, Sasha and several of the men went outside of the camp to answer a call of nature. When they returned, they looked terrified, trembling with fear and nearly scared to death." And then everyone heard a frightful growl near the camp." "Then we went back out to the scene, all dressed in a greenish military camouflage," Sasha was quoted as saying, "I was armed with the camp axe. In that moment, we saw strange creatures, looking like naked men, quite nearby." "There were three creatures," Sasha said, "They were about 6 meters (20 feet) away from us. The hairy homins were 2 to 2.5 meters in height [6 ft, 6 inches to 8 feet tall]. The true height of these creatures is hard to estimate because they were all crouched down and balancing themselves on their fists, like large apes. All three were growling at us. Their faces were very hairy, almost without wrinkles, and their eyes were not shiny at all. Their necks were positioned very low, even among their children, almost as if they had no necks.

From behind, they had something like humps" on the spine. "Sasha was standing closer and saw that the hairy creatures had some kind of lighter outgrowth, like light fur for their necks and eyebrows." "Witnesses said they could not tell if the creatures were male or female." "The creatures were highly aggressive. The witnesses were terribly scared." The beasts' noise woke the children who "fell into a hysterical state. Girls were crying and screaming, "call someone!" The standoff lasted for about 45 minutes. "Sasha then said he couldn't wait any more. Finally, the creatures turned and bounded away," with a strange ape-like bouncing leap. The campers spent a sleepless night around their fire. "People were trembling from fear and waiting for the dawn. In the morning, Ivan and the others went back to the site but unfortunately did not find any traces of the mysterious night visitors within the dense beech forest. The land was covered with thick layers of fallen leaves." © Ukrainian newspaper Kafa, Crimea, Ukraine 8 September 2005 - - - - -


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